Thursday, December 1, 2016

 I love this pic of my soaps.  Both the lighting and angle of this picture are great, and no big surprise, if you know me, you know I did NOT take this - Thanks Shane Myers!
 My obsession with soap making began in mid February of this year.  I bought a soap making kit from  It included everything I needed to make 5 pounds of Cold Process soap except for the mold, lye, and distilled water.  I had my sweet hubby make me a loaf mold. I bought the distilled water at the grocery store, and I picked up some lye at the local hardware store.  Well, from there, it has been quite the obsession.  I cannot even begin to count how many pounds of soap I have made, but what I can tell you is I put a whole lotta love in to each batch.  The batches are always small, no more than ten pounds, they are always made from natural ingredients, and I keep my prices reasonable aka affordable.  What you will NOT find in my soaps are fragrance oils.  Basically, if you can't get the "smell" naturally from a plant or fruit or veggie, then it wont be found in my soaps either.

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